Why AI in Construction Must Be Embraced Now Before It’s Too Late

77% of people are concerned that artificial intelligence (AI) will cause job loss in the next year.

One McKinsey report predicts that AI-related advancements may affect around 15% of the global workforce by 2030.

Think that the building industry is immune to these changes?

Think again…

AI in construction can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and optimise resource usage. 

To succeed in residential construction in 2024 and beyond, building companies need to embrace AI.

Not staying up to date with the latest trends in AI could be a critical mistake for builders. It will gain momentum much quicker than you think.

Why AI in Construction Could Change the Industry Forever

Here are just some of the ways AI could revolutionise the building industry:

  • AI-powered software can analyse vast amounts of data, including architectural designs, floor plans, and construction regulations, to assist in the design and planning phase.
  • AI can automate project management tasks by monitoring progress, tracking milestones, and identifying bottlenecks.
  • AI algorithms can analyse historical data, market trends, and supplier performance to optimise your supply chain.
  • AI-powered visual inspection systems will detect defects, deviations from plans, and structural weaknesses during construction.
  • AI chatbots and virtual assistants can enhance customer service by providing instant responses to enquiries, scheduling appointments, and guiding potential clients through the sales process.
  • AI can help you identify opportunities within your organisation where AI integrations can help you drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. 

And that is only scratching the surface…

Elite Building Companies Are Embracing AI

The best-performing residential building companies are using artificial intelligence to transform the way they operate.

That’s why we’ve tracked down a number of experts to speak at the Professional Builders Summit about AI and what it means for building businesses.

Experts like Varant Bomoushakian, Head of Operations at APB, who will cover advanced practical applications of AI for building companies.

Bosco Anthony, Chief Brand Officer for GRG & QuantPlus, who will discuss how builders can future-proof their marketing with AI and marketing automation.

During the Professional Builders Summit, you will learn how you can use systems and technology to save time across all departments and improve efficiency and productivity in every area of your business. 

Attendees will leave with practical advice on how professional builders are implementing AI in their companies AND the most important AI trends in construction that will ensure your building company doesn't fall behind in the next wave of technological change.

To stay up to date with the latest trends in residential construction, including AI, sales processes, margins, regulation, risk, and more…

Get tickets for the Professional Builders Summit now. 

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