Are Builders Advertising The Same Message Losing Out?

Construction Marketing

Are you using the same marketing message for everyone?

If you are, you need to pay attention because this could save you a lot of money in advertising costs!



Your Website Visitors Fall Into One Of 3 Categories


They are either cold, warm or hot.


Their temperature reflects how well they know, like and trust you.


Think of your friends as being ‘hot’, your acquaintances or work colleagues as being 'warm' and everyone you don't know as being 'cold'.


If you were to phone a friend up you would greet them in a completely different way to someone you had never met, right?


Well, it’s exactly the same when you advertise. You need to speak to these different audiences slightly differently.


So let’s start by identifying the 3 types of audiences you currently have.


Firstly, There Is Your 'Cold' Audience


These people have never heard of you and never visited your website. However, you do know something about them.


By looking at the profile of your current and previous clients, you know what age they are likely to be, the area they live in, their marital status and even some of their interests.


And although they don't know you, you already know a little bit about them!


This really helps with constructing a message that speaks directly to your ideal client, making them more likely to respond to your advert. It also allows you to narrow down your targeting which will significantly reduce your advertising costs!


Secondly There Is Your 'Warm' Audience


Your warm audience knows a little bit about you. They have visited your website, possibly read your articles, looked at your plan range and maybe started researching you online, but they have still not made an enquiry.


These guys are warm, and targeting them is around 80% cheaper than targeting the cold audience.




It’s because they only need to visit your website once for you to track them all over the internet wherever they go, even when they are on Facebook!


I know that sounds creepy but trust me, it’s perfectly legal and acceptable! In fact, you are doing these prospects a favour, because instead seeing some random ad about weight loss, they are being presented with a highly relevant advert that is linked to a subject they are interested in...Building!


So by ‘retargeting’ your website visitors, not only are you saving money on advertising costs, you are also presenting them with a relevant message. They know of you, so your target is to get them to engage with you by opting in for some more information, like a free guide or a plan range or maybe a site visit.


Once you have their email address they become ‘HOT’.


Which Brings Us To Your 'Hot' Audience

Your hot audience is not only highly receptive to your marketing messages, they are also virtually free to target!


These people definitely know you and the more you communicate with them, the more they will get to like and trust you.


And all you need to do is email them and share information. Sooner or later they will make contact either by replying to an email or calling you. At that point, you can start following up by phone as well as email and move them onto the next stage in your sales process.


So there you have it, 3 different audiences, each at a different stage in your marketing funnel. Therefore, just like friends, acquaintances and strangers, they all need to be communicated with in a different way.


Why Audience Categories Matter


When you use the right message in your advertising, you'll attract a lot more visitors to your website and generate a lot more leads.


Which means the next step is to ensure you can qualify these leads and avoid wasting time with the tyre-kickers!


Click on the link below to download our qualifying checklist and use it in your building company today.


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