How to Create a Builders Content Marketing Strategy

Do you enjoy speaking to new prospects who only see you as ‘just another builder’?

Would it make your life easier if they were a little ‘warmer’ when you got them on the phone?

When you go up against a builder who has already built rapport with a consumer through their content marketing strategy, then you’re already second choice.

And that means you’ll only be signing up the clients who are looking for the cheapest price.

So, are you prepared to drop your price in order to buy a job?

Or would you rather speak to prospects who are already convinced that you are the right builder for the job and who are prepared to pay more in order for you to build for them?

You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

When you deal with warm prospects you can generate more contract opportunities than you actually need, which means you can choose who you want to build for.

All you need to do in order to create better leads and opportunities is to implement an advertising strategy called ‘content marketing’.

And if the thought of constantly writing new blog articles every week doesn't appeal to you, then we’ve got some good news!

You don’t have to...

Creating blog articles or content does not have to be a weekly chore.

In fact, once you’ve produced an article, you can use the content over and over again in many different ways for years to come.

In fact, you need to reuse your content over and over again in many different ways because according to Hubspot, 43% of consumers admit to skimming blog posts!

So if you want to put your building company front and centre with more consumers in your local area and to become known as the ‘go-to’ builder for information, you need a content marketing strategy.

What Do I Write About?

However, once you’ve decided to utilise content marketing as a strategy for your building company, what do you actually write about?

Fortunately, this is the easy part!

All you need to do is cover off the most frequently asked questions you are receiving from new prospects.

Get your team together and take a few minutes to jot down all the questions you have been asked by new prospects, or even your clients.

Maybe there was some builders jargon that was unclear…

Maybe you are dealing with consumers who want a custom designed home but are asking for a square metre price?

Or maybe you could just share some tips on designing a new home.

All this information that is currently inside your head is gold.

And you can use it in so many different ways…

You can use it as an article to create engagement with prospects that have never previously heard of you…

You can send the same article to contacts on your database in order to continue building rapport…

You can create a talking head video and use that on Facebook and YouTube to generate more leads…

Emails, posts, articles, videos..there are so many opportunities and so many different channels where you can put your content to work for you, it really is an asset that adds value to your building company.

If you think only large companies produce content, think again. Content marketing is now an essential strategy for building companies of all sizes, including start ups.

It builds trust and authority without emailing or speaking to prospects...

It will increase your building company’s brand and value by providing genuinely helpful information that prospects can relate to and trust. 

You’ll be known as the builder that looks after their clients rather than ‘just another builder’ and will be dealing with prospects who are only interested in building with you, which means you can avoid competing on price.

When you use content marketing in your building company you’ll be speaking to convinced prospects who are prepared to pay more in order for you to build for them.

You’ll be generating more clients than you need which means you actually choose who you build for!

So we've created the free Builders' Qualifying Checklist so you can qualify those brand new leads on the very first phone call.

Click on the link below to download now.

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