How To Create Building Company Brochures That Work!

Is your company brochure generating excitement from your new prospects?

Or does it look like every other builder’s brochure and never gets a second look?

Or maybe you don’t even have a company brochure and are completely stumped on where to start.

It’s a common problem amongst residential home builders, and one that could be costing your building company a lot of sales!

Even in the modern world where everything is online, a company brochure still occupies a very important position in the sales sequence.

It helps to build trust, demonstrates expertise and positions your building company as an authority in your niche.

The Professional Builders that get this part of their marketing right, end up taking the best potential clients out of the market long before other builders even get to meet with them.

Which means if you don’t have a company brochure, you’re probably already competing in a race to the bottom with 5 other builders!

And if you have a brochure that looks the same as every other building company, then you are forcing the prospect to make a decision based on price.

Whereas the builders who educate their prospects are helping them to make an informed choice rather than a price driven decision.

And when you download the Builders' Qualifying Checklist, you’ll be able to overcome the number 1 objection that your prospect has inside their head and be remembered long after the first meeting.

Once download it, you will know how you can demonstrate value to a prospect and eliminate competitors early on. And that means you’ll avoid having to compete on price when you present a contract proposal.

Click on the link below to download it now.

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