How To Create A Case Study for Your Construction Company

Are you constantly dealing with unconvinced prospects who see you as just another builder?

When you go up against a builder that has already demonstrated social proof, they will win the contract even without being the lowest price.

Which leaves you with less work at lower margins...

Imagine what it would be like to deal with prospects who were already convinced that you were the right builder for the job.

How much easier would it be to guide them through your sales process?

You could easily increase your sales without having to pressure your prospects into signing a contract!

The easiest way to do this is by using ‘case studies’.

According to Hubspot, a staggering 9 out of every 10 consumers are now looking at online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

And nothing works better than a previous client telling a story about their experience of building with your company…

Not the obviously fake testimonials you see on so many builders’ websites, but genuine helpful customer stories that your prospects can relate to.

The trouble is, creating a case study is not an easy thing to do.

It’s time consuming, you need to purchase filming equipment and it’s really hard to get your clients to commit to a day and time.

But, it doesn't have to be like that.

You Don't Have To Be An Expert Videographer

We now live in an age where EVERYONE has the ability to take photographs and video with their phone.

You don’t need production quality, in fact, tests have shown that poorer quality video actually works better than high definition video productions when it comes to client feedback!

And believe it or not, in the MAJORITY of cases your clients are more than happy to provide a testimonial in print, or even on video for just need to know how to ask!

Trying to get a client to book in for a meeting where they are providing you with a service rarely works. They either decline the offer or cancel the meeting.

What does work is making the client review a part of your handover process.

At a minimum you will get a few quotes that can be used in print, however if done right, you will also get a video clip that is pure gold when used as an integral part of your sales process.

It’s all about positioning your request and then making compliance as easy as possible for your client.

However, even with the right process and all the tools available, the real reason most builders don’t manage to get client reviews is down to a fear of rejection.

What If They Say No?

We all have it at some level, what if they say no?

I’ll damage the relationship…

They might feel offended…

All these thoughts originate from our subconscious mind in an attempt to delay us from taking action. It’s just the way our brains work.

So in order to avoid becoming a procrastinator, it’s important to take action at the earliest opportunity.

Turn Your Clients Into Promoters In Less Than 7 Days

Even if you’ve managed quite well up to now without having any case studies to promote your building company, times are changing.

Social proof is the new currency and no business can afford to ignore it, especially residential building companies.

When you create customer story videos without spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment you’ll be able to confidently guide your prospects through your sales process and avoid feeling like a pushy salesperson.

You’ll be known as the builder that looks after their clients and avoid being labelled as ‘just another builder’ by providing genuine helpful customer stories that prospects can relate to, rather than relying on made-up testimonials that look fake.

You’ll benefit from dealing with prospects who are already convinced, which means you can effortlessly guide them through your sales process.

Click on the link below to start increasing your sales.

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