7 Steps To Dominate Your Local Area On Instagram

You know how overwhelming it is when you don’t know what to post next on your company’s Instagram?

Without a proper strategy, you’ll end up posting less and less frequently.

And when you only manage to post randomly, you’ll struggle to grow your audience and fail to take advantage of the hot opportunity that this platform has to offer.

But when you have a strategy to follow, that’s been planned in advance, you’ll be able to dominate your local area using one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

By increasing local awareness of your building company using a planned strategy, you can become the #1 builder in your area on Instagram.

And in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “If you’re not a brand you’re a commodity.”

If you’re not already familiar with Instagram then this could be a virtually untapped resource for you to gather more leads.

More and More People Are Using Instagram

On the contrary, if you resist adapting to these rapidly changing social media platforms, then your leads could dry up and you’ll end up getting left behind.

Why? Because more and more people are using Instagram.

And if you think your clients don’t use it, think again!

According to Statista, 40% of 30-49 year olds are on Instagram.

And although the majority of people using it are the younger demographic, the thing to focus on is that 40% of your target market IS on there.

So rather than focusing on the people you’re NOT targeting, you could be focussing on those who YOU CAN target.

Even if you have a strong presence on Facebook and generate a lot of your leads there… You have to think of traffic like legs on a chair.

You need at least four incoming sources of traffic to create a dependable stream of enquiries.

And Instagram is one of them.

You Need To Be Strategic About What You Post

Whilst it sounds simple enough to simply snap a few photos and post them on social media.

The unfortunate truth is that there’s a little more to it than that.

For instance, posting progress shots on your Instagram account is not going to do you any favours.

After all, clients are not usually looking to buy a half finished home, in which case, it’s usually best to avoid these types of images.

Instead you should be posting finished shots including interior and exterior shots, behind the scenes or even some lifestyle images.

That’s because, as a visual platform, Instagram allows your business to promote a portfolio of your latest and most beautiful projects.

It’s like having an instant ‘look-book’ for your building company.

However, if you’re a builder who thinks “I’m old school”, or you simply feel it’s all too overwhelming and confusing, then don’t worry.

Because we’ve created the Sales Blueprint for Builders.

When you have you can uncover the sales and marketing strategies that will help you sign more contracts at higher margins.

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