Builders Marketing at Exhibitions & Events

Are exhibitions and events worthwhile for a residential building company?

They’re expensive, and they can produce some great opportunities, but are you making money after all the time and money that is invested into each event?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you need to keep reading!

An exhibition or event is just like any other marketing strategy, if you can’t measure success, don’t spend the money!

Every successful strategy starts with a feasibility exercise.

It’s a plan to succeed. You need to be clear on what it will cost, what success looks like, and how you are going to measure success.

Be clear on your objective, it’s unlikely you’ll sign a Building Contract or even a Prelim Agreement with a cold lead that you’ve just met.

So what is realistic for your business?

Is it a lead acquisition strategy? Or do you have a streamlined sales process that allows you to remove the prospect from the market by enticing them into making a small commitment?

If you have an established sales process then you know your numbers...

And if the numbers don’t stack up, consider spending the budget on other proven strategies for builders, like Facebook Video Marketing, Google Adwords or even Local Search Optimisation.

As business owners, we are all entrepreneurs. And that can be a good thing...most of the time.

Target success, and budget for failure.

But the problem we have is that we’re generally very optimistic…

Which means we tend to overestimate what may happen in a marketing campaign or an make sure you look at your past performance in a similar exhibition in order to determine a realistic and likely outcome of a future event.

Target success, and budget for failure!

If your assessment appears to be viable, then go for it.

But make sure you take your numbers with you and benchmark your performance versus budget, HOURLY!

This will keep your team focused and motivated throughout the event.

By following the right process, you can significantly improve your results and generate a far better return on every marketing dollar you spend at exhibitions, events or even display homes.


Click on the link below and download the free Sales Blueprint for builders to discover the one template every successful builder uses in their marketing and more.

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