Construction Company Recruitment Process For New Team Members

Hiring the wrong people can lead to expensive mistakes. 

It can also cost you time and damage the morale within your existing team.

Sooner or later they’ll either leave or end up having to be sacked, which results in you having to repeat the ENTIRE recruitment process all over again.

You may feel like you are back where you started, but the reality is that you are in a far worse position. Which is why it is SO important to have a process for recruitment that can be followed every time you need to hire.


The first step towards recruiting a superstar and avoiding employing a lemon, that will kill your company culture and erode your team’s morale, is to create a checklist that outlines the exact person you need.

Write the job description down, systemise the role, or at least part of the role before they start, be clear on who they’ll be reporting to and the salary that you’re prepared to offer.

Once you have a plan, you can advertise. This part is crucial, and just like when you advertise your building company to consumers, you need to make sure your advert stands out to the right candidate while repelling the unsuitables.

A good way to do this is by filtering.

Filters are obstacles that weed out the unsuitable candidates before you even have a chance to speak to them, which saves you a tonne of time.

You don’t want to be speaking to everyone that feels like applying for your position.

You probably don’t even want to read through all those resumes that get submitted!

Filtering allows you to segment your applicants and hone in on the best possible candidates without getting bogged down in a pile of applications.

We recently ran an advert for a position that received 297 applications. By using filtering we were able to phone interview just 12 candidates. Of those 12, only 3 made it through to the next stage of filtering, which then lead to an in-person interview.

Interviewing 3 people is a lot easier than trying to group interview a couple of hundred...or even just 12.

By using proven procedures for your recruitment process you can attract and recruit superstar employees that fit in with your existing company culture and increase productivity.

If you're not sure where to start with your recruitment process, click on the link below to see how the Association of Professional Builders can help you.

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