How To Use Construction Slots To Balance Your Workflow

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How stressful does your life become when you have multiple handovers happening at the same time?

When you have multiple jobs that are all completing at once, this puts enormous pressure on your resources and you find yourself desperately searching for more subcontractors.


And as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”


But when you have a balanced construction funnel, you can maximise your resources and improve profitability and cash flow.

By implementing constructions slots into your building company, your project start dates will be staggered allowing the ebbs and flows of your workload to be spread out throughout the year.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

After measuring our member data throughout 2018, our research concluded that residential building companies that use construction slots have a greater output with less resources.


Which makes them up to 33% more efficient than builders who don’t use them.


Whilst it sounds simple enough in theory, we understand the predicament many builders experience.


They think that they have to start jobs when the client wants to sign the contract and although that means doing them in clumps, there’s nothing they can do about it.


Are you one of the many builders who feels, “If I tell my clients that I can't start their job immediately, they'll go to another builder?”

If you are, then you are failing to operate your building company efficiently which means less profit for you at the end of the job.


Who Runs The Job? The Builder Or The Client?

Think about it. The client isn’t the one coordinating trades to show up on time and nor does the client project manage the build.


If the same client engaged another professional such as a lawyer, is it reasonable to expect that they would instruct them on how to coordinate a trial?


By allowing this to happen, not only are you giving up control, you’re forcing yourself into a position where you’re unable to deliver.


This leads to a mad scramble to hire more subcontractors and the entire project becomes disorganised and out of control.


Which results in your building company going from one extreme to the next.


You’ll either be super busy, or desperately trying to sign more contracts.


Builders Are Professionals In Their Own Right

Consumers seek out Professional Builders because they're experts at building homes.


So you must take full control by introducing construction slots into your building company so you can look ahead and allocate your resources effectively.


Once you do this, the client will be reassured that you have everything under control.


The added bonus of doing this is that it creates scarcity and urgency in the eyes of the client, which is the secret formula for selling.


Even if you’re the builder that says “I’ve always done it this way,” you’ll soon realise that what got you to this stage will not get you to the next level.


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