How To Manage Your Time & Efficiency

Are you spending your time working IN your building company, fighting fires, chasing cash-flow and dealing with tasks that keep you from working ON your business?

What if you could eliminate all of the stress and overwhelm by simply focusing on the activities that give you the biggest return on your most valuable resource….your time?

Working on your business would allow you to grow your building company safely and securely while avoiding the need to spend your evenings and weekends quoting jobs, returning calls from subcontractors, or holding meetings with clients.

If you are taking on more work, or even if you are planning to take on more work in the future and you do not regularly eliminate some of the tasks you are currently doing, then you’ll always be doing low-value tasks that will permanently block your company's ability to grow. And that means you’ll be constantly hitting a glass ceiling, unable to take your business to the next stage. 

In order to grow a building company safely and securely you need to understand the value of your time, which becomes known as your ‘hourly rate’. 

Once you know this number, you can place a value, or a cost, on the activities you are currently doing.

Understanding the cost of the activities we are doing helps us to prioritise the tasks that we need to do, as well as identifying the tasks that can be assigned to others. 

When you go through this process you’ll even identify the tasks that are simply not worth doing anymore. 

Experts refer to this as the D-A-D process. 

Delete - Automate - Delegate

Once you do this, you’ll know how to value your time and decide which tasks should be delegated

You’ll be able to easily identify where your time goes each day.

You will have the exact formula for identifying which tasks you should and should not be working on.

The best part is that this is a proven and repeatable process that can be followed by each of your team members to improve their own productivity!

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