The Top 10 Construction Podcasts To Listen To


The construction industry is in a constant state of change, and now more than ever in this current economic state, those who want to be in the know about what is happening in every corner of the industry need to be plugged into the right resources. 

Keeping up with the latest information surrounding all topics of construction, such as how margins are linked to marketing, what systems and processes are essential to run a successful building company, tips and tricks, successes and learnings from other builders all help to grow your own professional custom home building company to thrive through this ever changing industry.

So what builder podcasts are out there?

Which ones are actually worth listening to?

Vetting each podcast through Rephonic, we have taken the guesswork out and let the data speak for itself by compiling a list of the top 10 best construction podcasts for you ranked by ratings based on ratings and reviews; saving you time and countless hours scrolling potential podcasts. 

Let’s get started!

1. Professional Builders Secrets

Association of Professional Builders | Rating: 5.0 - 28 ratings 24 reviews | Episodes: 63 | Listeners Per Episode: 2k | New Episodes Released: Weekly  



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The Professional Builders Secrets Podcast is here to help you grow your building company. Host, Bosco Anthony explores the world of residential construction by talking to builders, service providers, business coaches and APB co-founders, Russ Stephens & Sky Stephens.

The Professional Builders Secrets Podcast brings together some of the best minds in the industry along with professional builders to share their experiences in residential construction and provide insightful tips to builders on how to operate and grow their businesses.

The team behind The Professional Builders Secrets Podcast release episodes weekly. Each episode is packed with helpful recommendations from industry experts on how to run a successful building company covering a range of topics including sales, marketing, financials, operations and self improvement.







2. The Laying Foundations Podcast

Davis Hambrick & Walker Lott | Rating: 5.0 - 20 ratings 2 reviews | Episodes: 92 | Listeners Per Episode: 2k | Total Social Reach: 172 | New Episodes Released: Weekly




Walker and Davis started Laying Foundations in January 2021. It all started with an idea over dinner and a passion for the construction industry. 

Laying Foundations is on a mission to equip the next generation of the construction industry. 

People are their motivation. Laying Foundations is about building relationships, unlocking potential, and exploring the fullness of the construction industry.




3. The Construction Game

Basecon | Rating: 5.0 - 6 ratings 3 reviews | Episodes: 16 | Listeners Per Episode: 1.2k | New Episodes Released: Monthly  




Presented by Basecon, The Construction Game aims to bring you a different perspective of the construction industry, taking you into the minds of the experts within the industry. 

They cover interviews, tips and talks with everyone from CEOs to Sole Traders. They cover everything construction.





4. The Building Code

Buildertrend | Rating: 4.91 - 115 ratings 53 reviews | Episodes: 164 | Listeners Per Episode: 4k | New Episodes Released: Weekly 



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A podcast by Buildertrend that explores people, technology and innovation. Listen to hear tips and tricks from some of the industry’s most successful teams.

The Building Code offers a unique perspective into the 'behind the scenes' of running a building company. The quick, but insightful episodes feature guest appearances from builders just like you. 

These builders talk about their experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as the lessons they’ve learnt along the way. 

This transparency allows you to pull back the curtain on the construction industry and get an insight into what other builders are doing, the challenges they’re facing and the successes they’re experiencing.




5. Build Hatch

Build Hatch | Rating: 4.9 - 57 ratings 13 reviews | Episodes: 87 | Listeners Per Episode: 2.2k | New Episodes Released: Weekly




The Build Hatch podcast is dedicated to anyone and everyone who is interested in hearing the real stories behind architectural, building and construction designs and construction projects. 

They have this saying at Build Hatch that “a picture tells 1000 words – but it doesn’t tell the real story”. Build Hatch commenced life as a podcast interviewing just about anyone involved in the building and construction industry.

Their purpose is to visit projects and sit down with the people involved and hear about the blood, sweat and tears - that is, the true story behind the project.

Their aim is to inspire the hard working people who work in the building and construction industry, and hopefully help others by hearing about the challenges they face not just at a particular project - but in their careers in general.



6. The Build Show Podcast

Matt Risinger | Rating: 4.9 - 115 ratings 16 reviews | Episodes: 72 | Listeners Per Episode: 3k | New Episodes Released: Weekly




Matt Risinger is a builder who specializes in architect driven and fine craftsmanship work.

Follow Matt on The Build Show Podcast as he talks in depth with his guests about building a better home, discussions around building science, craftsmanship, best practices for building and remodeling and some epic fails (and how to avoid them).



7. Profit Tool Belt

Dominic Rubino | Rating: 4.88 - 23 ratings 14 reviews | Episodes: 171 | Listeners Per Episode: 2k | Total Social Reach: 675 | New Episodes Released: Weekly 




Presented by Domonic Rubino, Profit Tool Belt is the podcast for you if you have questions on how to market, sell, deliver and get paid on time.

Interviewing real contractors and experts he explores ideas, tips, hacks and shortcuts that you can use right away to start to make more money and have more time off by working smarter, not just harder.





8. The Builder Nuggets Podcast

Duane Johns & Dave Young | Rating: 4.87 - 35 ratings 19 reviews | Episodes: 99 | Listeners Per Episode: 2k | Total Social Reach: 936 | New Episodes Released: Weekly




Listen to The Builder Nuggets Podcast where builders and remodelers share the elements of success needed to transform your business into a valuable asset that thrives using less of your time. Discover how to predictably scale your business, free yourself from day to day operations and develop your exit strategy and legacy.

Duane Johns and Dave Young will show you how to build a thriving business that allows you to spend more time doing what you love. Enjoy the stories, strategies and tactics that have helped hundreds of contractors like you build better lives.




9. The Art of Construction

Art of Construction | Rating: 4.42 - 83 ratings 32 reviews | Episodes: 287 | Listeners Per Episode: 5k | Total Social Reach: 872 | New Episodes Released: Weekly 




The Art of Construction is here to help builders grow. They explore the world of construction with some of the best minds in the industry dishing out real-world, practical advice for growing a business. 

This insightful podcast is hosted by thought provoking entrepreneur, Devon Tilly. Devon has been recognized nationally for his innovation and creativity within the building industry.




10. Home Building Hero

Belman Homes | Rating: 4.17 - 73 ratings 15 reviews | Episodes: 417 | Listeners Per Episode: 1.9k | New Episodes Released: Twice Weekly 




The Home Building Hero is a podcast hosted by an award winning home builder and industry leader, David Belman. David has worked within the building industry for more than 24 years and has a wealth of experience.

The Home Building Hero Podcast covers home building, design, trends, real estate, home construction and industry related news. It brings to life the key topics and issues related to the custom home building industry.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for consumers to find good quality information about the process of building a new home, especially in the form of a podcast, and that's why the Home Building Hero Podcast was created. To provide builders and consumers with all of the information required to make the best possible decisions when it comes to building a new home.


There you have it. The top 10 construction podcasts to listen to in 2022.

Construction podcasts are a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the construction industry from real-world professionals and business owners. 

The industry is evolving, so keeping up with the latest information has never been more crucial and with technology at our fingertips; it’s never been easier.

Listening to tips and tricks in the building industry is one thing, the next step is implementing proven strategies to help your building company grow safely and securely.

To learn more about creating a systemised building company that operates profitably year after year, check out this video.

It will take you behind the scenes at the Association of Professional Builders and reveal the tools being used by our members to generate more quality leads and more sales at higher margins while improving the building experience for their clients.


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