Why You Need To Turn Down Building Work


How many times have you invested weeks, or even months of your life studying plans, detailing specifications, getting quotes from subcontractors and suppliers and putting together a quote for a client that doesn't even bother to get back to you with a 'no'?

Or if they do get back to you they say something ridiculous like, "I have been quoted $100k cheaper by another builder."


We may feel like we lost the job on price but really, we never had a chance in the first place.


You may be interested to learn that situations like this are easy to avoid.





All It Takes Is A System


You don’t even need a full sales process to fix this problem, just a simple qualifying checklist.


I’d like to share with you a comment that was posted in our Facebook Private Members Group by one of our Advanced Mastermind Clients. This is a group of builders from all over Australia, New Zealand and North America who meet up online twice a month in order to grow their building companies.


As you can see one of our clients, we’ll call him Mike, received a call from a lead. But instead of getting overly excited and running out to meet the prospect on site, Mike remained in control of the situation and worked through his qualifying process.


As a result, he was able to establish that the prospect had already contacted 7 other builders and was still looking to get others to quote on his job!


Which one of the builders is most likely to win a job from a client like this?


To find out the answer, you simply need to ask the question. So Mike posed the question, "how will you be selecting the right builder?"


Unbelievably the lead replied, "by drawing a name out of a hat."


Now, if Mike did not have a written process for qualifying prospects, how much time would he have wasted quoting a job, that at best, he only had a 15% chance of winning even if he was the cheapest price?


Why This Process Saves You Time


Spending your evenings and weekends pricing jobs for prospects like this is a complete waste of your time. That time could be invested in quality prospects that are far more likely to convert into clients and will not spend the next 8 months driving you mad, questioning everything you do and querying every price you quote them for a variation.


Just because a prospect asks you to quote a job, doesn't mean you should.


Whenever you get asked to quote a job, look at it objectively. If you don't feel the chances of winning the contract are high enough, don't waste your time quoting. Instead, spend TWICE as much time on a better quality prospect and make sure you WIN that job.


And....It's Easy!


Qualifying prospects is a lot easier than you may think.


If you own a building company, you must have a qualifying checklist so that you can eliminate the time-wasters and focus more time on the quality enquiries.


Steal our Qualifying Checklist for builders and start using it in your building company today by clicking on the link below!


Click here to download the qualifying checklist for builders now!


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