Building Perspective Podcast Review

Looking for a new perspective?

The Building Perspective is a podcast, created by Group Two, a marketing agency for builders, covering everything sales and marketing related for the construction industry from a ‘different perspective’. 

The podcast kicked off in July 2019. They call themselves a ‘sometimes weekly’ podcast, as it seems the frequency of episodes can be a bit hit and miss. At the time of this article, there have only been two episodes in the last two months. 

The content of each episode this year has been extremely timely with the current circumstances around the world. The hosts, Matt and Mollie, provided constant updates and tips for the challenges builders are facing due to COVID-19. But it should be important to note that they claim to be strictly for builders in North America, so if you’re located outside of the States, some of the specifics may not be as relevant to you. That said however, there certainly are some gold nuggets in the content they’re providing, no matter where you are from. Like any podcast, you just need to take the information and interpret it to apply to your own situation. 

Addressing Challenges From COVID-19

One of Building Perspective’s latest episodes, ‘Leads, Price Increases, and Delays’, addresses some of the challenges that builders in the USA are currently experiencing as a result of the pandemic. Matt and Mollie provide their own advice on how builders need to pivot to handle an influx of leads as well as price increases and delays from suppliers. They discuss a few ideas builders can take on to continue providing an excellent consumer experience when faced with these challenges. Our mission at the Association of Professional Builders is to improve the construction industry for both builders and consumers, and some of the tips provided in this episode certainly align with that. For example, the hosts talk about the importance of communicating with a client when you experience delays from suppliers. It’s inevitable that, in the current circumstances, you will experience some delivery delays when it comes to ordering your client selections. In the episode, you can find a few tips on how to deal with this professionally while still ensuring a great experience for your clients.

Company Culture Discussion

Building Perspective Episode 44Some episodes Matt and Mollie simply share their opinions and tips on particular topics, and others feature guests from all walks of life; some builders, some industry professionals. It’s not always sales and marketing either. In July 2020, Building Perspective released an episode, ‘A Culture of Empowerment with Greg and Missy Manual’, with a company culture discussion with a builder in Louisiana in the United States. We’re big on setting a company culture and engaging with employees at the Association of Professional Builders. We’ve even written a few articles and created training for our members on the topics. In the episode, the guests Greg and Missy discuss how they created a culture in their building company that maintains the health and wellness of their employees. They talk about how to meet the emotional needs of their staff, resolve conflict within the business and their recruitment process that ensures they’re only hiring people that fit within their company culture. We definitely recommend you check this one out. 

Some of the marketing specific episodes include a lot of marketing jargon. So if you’re not too familiar with the marketing terms, you might find those episodes a little overwhelming. 

However, the Building Perspective podcast seems to know the importance of having an advertising budget for your building company, as well as ensuring you’re providing an excellent consumer experience. We believe it’s worth a listen. But, if you’re not from North America, you might need to sift through some of the location-specific information.

You can subscribe and listen to Building Perspective wherever you get your podcasts, including iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.