How To Create Professional Construction Proposals

It’s simple! Proposals that are not structured well will NOT win jobs!

How many weeks have you spent putting a proposal together for one of your prospects only to feel exhausted, frustrated and bewildered because you didn’t win the job?

How much time was wasted?

How many other opportunities are not getting your full attention because you wasted so much time putting together a proposal that didn’t win you the job?

The number one problem we see with builders’ contract proposals is that they do not include the right information in the right sequence.

This creates doubt in your prospects’ minds and leaves you fighting to win a job you thought was a dead cert…

Delivering a professional contract proposal is crucial if you’re selling high value services, such as a building or renovating a new home.

This is probably the biggest purchase your prospect has ever made.

A six page quote is not going to cut it!

Become The Only Viable Solution To Your Client's Problem

A professional proposal document will support your contract presentation and provide reassurance to the prospect long after you’ve left the meeting.

It will be clear, concise and focused leaving your prospect with no doubt that you are THE ONLY VIABLE SOLUTION TO THEIR PROBLEM.

The problem for residential home builders is knowing where to start.

Who can you turn to when it comes to professional advice on marketing and sales for a construction company?

Putting together a contract proposal for a new home can be a tedious trial and error process that takes up far too much of your precious time.

And if you don’t have the components in the right sequence, you’ll spend years losing jobs you should have won before you stumble across the magic formula.

That’s why, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you.

In the ‘How To Create Professional Proposals’ Action Plan for residential home builders, we’ve created the structure for you so that you can create smart and attention-grabbing proposal in a minimum amount of time.

It’s a step-by-step plan that guides you through the ‘winning’ structure and helps you pinpoint the important information about your building company that interests your prospects.

...And it’s NOT what you think!

Most builders get this part completely wrong!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely vital that you fill in this template with information that’s specific to your building company. That’s what makes you unique.

So this isn’t a silver bullet for those guys who just want to use a generic template and start winning jobs at 40% margins.

A 'Done For You' Proven Proposal Template

Setting up your unique contract proposal will take some effort, but by using a proven template it will save you hours every time you present a contract.

And improving your ‘win ratio’ will put you in a great position to start increasing your margins. Because if you’re not already pricing your jobs at a minimum of 10% net margin after expenses and drawings, your business is on life support!

So remember, proposals are incredibly effective when done well, because they provide your prospects with the information they need in order to help them to make an emotional decision that is supported by logic.

In other words, your prospects will not only be able to see the value you provide as a professional construction company, they’ll also become increasingly anxious about the consequences of NOT choosing you.

That’s how you grow a residential building company profitably!

So stop wasting time pricing jobs and presenting proposals to prospects that don’t win contracts.

Other Professional Builders are winning jobs with professional, hard-hitting proposals that are outshining their competition.

And now you can too.

Get started with the Sales Blueprint for Builders by clicking on the link below.

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