Landing Page Optimisation Checklist

Is your website generating new enquiries for you everyday?

If your visitors are not opting-in while they’re on your site then they’re moving onto your competitor’s website.

Which means you’re missing out on speaking to the best leads…

Did you know you can generate more leads from your website WITHOUT spending more money on advertising?

Which means you can create more contract opportunities than you need allowing you to choose who you want to build for.

If you’ve got a dedicated landing page on your website that allows your visitors to opt in for a lead magnet, then you’ve already done the hard part.

However, when you use a landing page checklist, you can significantly increase the number of visitors that convert into leads...which means big savings on your advertising costs.

And if you don’t already have a dedicated landing page set up inside your website, you need to get one! Because landing pages typically convert visitors into leads 10 TIMES more effectively than website home pages.

Without dedicated landing pages, your website is effectively just an online brochure. Nice to look at, but completely ineffective.

You need a lead generation monster working for your building company 24/7.

Engage A Copywriter, Not Just A Designer

The problem for most builders is that they engage a website designer to build a beautiful website, however they don’t engage a copywriter to create the words...which is the most important part!

Which means they either end up writing the content themselves, or they leave it to the web designer who has very little in the way of experience or training to write powerful content.

The end result is a lack-lustre website that is delivered months after the initial deadline and generates little or no leads for the builder.

Whereas if the builder had outlined a specific brief from the start of exactly what was required, and more importantly held the designer to account to ensure what was produced actually aligned with the brief, then the end result would be a lot more leads for the building company.

Fortunately landing pages are much simpler than websites.

However, don’t be fooled by their simplicity. Everything displayed on the perfect landing page is there for a reason and delivers on a specific purpose.

Equally, everything you don’t see is omitted for a very specific reason and their inclusion leads to a significant drop in conversion rates.

The Most Common Mistake

The most significant difference between a website page and a landing page is the navigation menu.

A landing page never displays a navigation menu because it’s inclusion distracts the visitor from doing the one thing they intended to do when they arrived...opt in!

This is a common mistake we see with landing pages developed by web designers. They treat the landing page as just another part of the website and use the standard template settings including the header, footer and navigation.

It’s a big problem that could be hurting your lead generation efforts and costing you potential clients.

So, download the Sales Blueprint for Builders to make sure you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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