The Secret To Growing A Profitable Building Company

How one builder in Adelaide went from zero net profit in 2019 to $1m profit in 2023…

When we launched the Association of Professional Builders nine years ago we told builders attending our presentations that they needed to mark up their jobs by 33.3% in order to clear a 10% net profit margin after drawing a market salary from their building company.

Some builders laughed at us…

Others got angry and walked out mid presentation.

And who could blame them, because at the time we had no hard proof to show them that if they followed this new process for marketing and sales they could achieve these margins.

However, today things are very different, we have no end of case studies, testimonials and reviews from residential home builders around the world who are pricing their projects at margins that deliver huge financial rewards.

Like one builder in Adelaide that went from zero net profit on $3m a year revenue in 2019 to $1m profit on $10m revenue in 2023… and that was after drawing a $600,000 salary!

The Secret Sauce

So what did this building company do that was so different?

They implemented the right systems in the right order.

And once they had the correct margins in place they then scaled from $3m to $10m, safely and securely.

Another builder on the Gold Coast went from $3m in 2018 to $80m 2023 profitably.

A Caveat

It was easy during the COVID boom to grow a residential building company, just look at all the volume builders that signed 3, 4 or even 5 times the amount of contracts they would normally sign in a 12 month period.

But where are they now?

They’ve all lost huge amounts of money and are only surviving on shareholder bailouts in order to pay their wages.

The fact is, growing a residential building company is easy, because new construction is cash flow positive. However, growing a building company profitably takes a lot more planning and expertise.

And that's what members of the Association of Professional Builders have been doing successfully since 2014.

However, we are not experts in every single area of business.

It’s impossible, and we are the first ones to acknowledge that…

Which is why we have brought together industry leading experts to share their knowledge over two days on the Gold Coast in September this year.

Learn From Experts At The Professional Builders Summit

These subject matter experts will provide attendees of the Professional Builders Summit with advice for building a profitable business.

They will be sharing their insights covering;

  • How to overcome the skills shortage in our industry
  • How to turn business profits into personal wealth
  • How to use AI to produce words that convert for your website
  • How to double your sales conversion rate
  • How banks perceive your business and what you can do in order to influence their decisions
  • How to mitigate risk for your building company
  • And how to use AI to identify Joint Venture Partners

… and that’s just on day one!

On day two we’ll be joined by another seven experts in their field who will be sharing:

  • How AI will affect residential building companies in 2024
  • How to sell your building company rather than simply closing it down
  • How to build healthier homes for your clients
  • How to use video to tell your story and connect with your prospect on a deeper level
  • How to get an architect to design on budget
  • How to overcome the skills shortage in our industry
  • The defects most often missed by custom home builders (based on thousands of independent handover inspection reports)

A Special Guest

Additionally, the 2023 Professional Builders Summit will be opened with a keynote presentation by none other than four time world boxing champion Danny Green.

Since leaving the ring Danny has successfully entered the business arena and now runs his own company which is on track to become one of Australia’s largest gym franchises.

At Professional Builders Summit: Building a Profitable Business, Danny will be speaking about the mindset of achievement and beating your opponents in life while also revealing some entertaining and humorous stories from his battles in the ring.

And for a select number of VIP attendees at the event, there will also be the opportunity to meet Danny after his presentation.

Time To Take Action

So if you are serious about growing your building company profitably, then the Professional Builders Summit is for you.

What do you say?

Would you like to join us on the Gold Coast in September?

Tickets are limited and once they sell out, you will have missed the opportunity to grow your building company profitably, faster and easier than you may have thought possible.

Click here now to secure your passes, and we look forward to meeting you in person at this unique event for the top performing builders in the residential construction industry.

Professional Builders Summit