How To Create A Building Contract Proposal

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Have you developed a contract proposal that beats your competition even if they are undercutting you?

If you haven’t, then you’re probably losing jobs on price.


Let us show how to change that by using the 7 Step Contract Proposal Formula.


Winning contracts at higher margins is crucial if you are going to be able to grow your company and enjoy the benefits of being a successful builder.


Too often buying decisions are made by consumers solely on price.


But it shouldn't be like that. With the right preparation, you do not need to be the lowest price in a tender. You can still win jobs at higher prices and higher margins.


Understanding what triggers a buying decision and how to overcome objections is critical knowledge that every builder needs to know if they are to get out of the 'quoting and hoping' strategy that so many building companies seem to follow.


The Importance Of A Proposal Document


Creating a professional presentation can help you to not only win more jobs that you quote on, but also to win those jobs at higher margins than before.


Builders who are a part of the Advanced Sales Training group use a 7 Step Formula every time they create a contract proposal for a prospect.


This helps them to overcome any objections that are raised by the prospect and stay in control of the negotiation.


Before they implemented this strategy into their business they were 'quoting and hoping' every time they tried to sign up a new client...pretty much like 95% of the other residential builders out there who are all doing the same thing.


As a result, they were winning jobs at margins that were so low they felt trapped on a treadmill, unable to grow their building company to the next level.


They also found themselves losing jobs that they should have won because they were unable to reassure the prospect that they were the right builder for the job.


These builders had done a great job over the previous 6 to 12 months creating rapport with the prospect, demonstrating expertise and building trust. But when it came to asking for the sale they simply handed over a 5-page quote and hoped the prospect would sign.


It’s a bit like running a marathon, but instead of crossing the finishing line, the runner sits down 2 steps shy of the finish and simply waits for the finishing line to come to them!


It’s not going to happen! Everything you have been working on for this prospect will now come down to your contract proposal.


How Does It Compare To The Proposal From Your Competition?


Who demonstrates the most trust and authority?


Who is the expert in this type of work?


Who have the happiest clients?


The Biggest Question Of All


And do you know what the biggest question is? It has nothing to do with your competition. Your prospect is thinking, "Should I really be making this huge investment right now?"


The builder who answers all of those questions in their contract proposal will win the job.


Demonstrating all of this starts at the very beginning of the sales process. Click on the link below to download the proven sales process for builders now!


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