How To Optimise Your Sales Process & Win More Building Contracts

Construction Sales

Have you ever wondered how the big building companies continue to sign up so many clients?

They don't build quality homes.
They don't look after their customers.
And yet...they have a queue of clients who can't wait to sign up. 





When You Lose A Job To A Competitor

Have you ever lost a job to a competitor KNOWING the client was in for a nasty surprise?


How did you feel when the client came to you and said those words, "We wish we had gone with your company...It's been a nightmare."


What did you say?


"Serves you right."


"What did you expect you muppet?"



Or maybe you just smiled and said, "Maybe Next Time."


Well guess what?


Next Time You Still Won't Win The Job


And here's why.


If you failed to convince a prospect the first time around that you were the ONLY builder for the job, then history will repeat itself at the next opportunity.


Does the building industry drive you mad? 


Do you know know the definition of madness?


Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.




Why You Are Doomed If You Don't Charge For Your Time

If you are not charging for your time prior to contract, you are doomed to spend the next 5 years on the hamster wheel before finally burning out.


No other coaching, consulting, mentoring or training company is teaching this process to builders.


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