Facebook Advertising For Builders

Are you constantly posting on Facebook without any idea if you are doing it properly or what you need to do in order to generate leads?

You may have noticed that your competitors are already building up their own brand awareness on Facebook…

Which means if you’re not using the right strategy, you’ll get left behind.

If you want to be the #1 builder in your area and create a steady flow of leads for your building company that you can turn on and off as you need them, then you need to know how to use Facebook for lead generation, rather than just posting updates.

On average, it costs around 50% less to acquire leads on Facebook than it does on Google Adwords.

Not only that, the leads are at an earlier stage in the sales process which means you get to take a prospect out of the market before they even start speaking with another builder.

So rather than continuing to waste money on advertising that no longer works, such as print or the yellow pages, start investing in the #1 advertising platform for residential home builders that enables you to measure every dollar that is spent and track every lead that is generated.

If you are like most residential home builders and you are unsure as to what you should be doing on Facebook, here’s some tips.

Some Hot Tips On How To Use Facebook For Lead Generation

Firstly, if you are already posting good information regularly, then great! Keep it up.

Just be aware that not many people will be seeing your posts organically, so you’ll need to throw a few dollars at each of your posts in order to boost them.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

It makes no sense for you to invest your time in creating useful information that is only seen by a couple of dozen people.

Which brings us to the next point, create your audiences!

You can do this based on interests, such as, they are following certain magazines or interested in Home Design.

Or, you can create lookalike audiences based on people that are already on your email list, or have visited your website.

Facebook lookalike audiences are EXTREMELY powerful, largely due to the algorithm that Facebook developed being sooo smart.

It literally knows what you would be interested in before you even know yourself!

Regardless of which audience types you use, you should still refine your targeting based on the demographic information.

It’s unlikely that someone under 25 will be in a position to build a new home, so exclude them.

Likewise with people outside your local area...it’s possible some people may want to move interstate and build in your town, but it’s not generally very cost effective, so limit your geographical area to the area you are actually building in.

Setting up your audiences correctly is crucial to the success of any advertising campaign on Facebook.

So spend some time getting this part set up correctly.

When you have your audiences set up it’s time to think about the type of campaign you should be running.

Although there are dozens of different options inside of Facebook, you only need to concern yourself with 1 in the very beginning and that is a website conversion campaign with a target of lead generation.

What this means is that Facebook will show your advert to the people most likely to opt in for your offer, which should be a checklist, a free guide, or maybe a plan range.

No need to overthink this part, just use your #1 lead magnet that you currently have on your website.

In summary, there are three components for getting started on Facebook. Your campaign strategy which in this example is lead generation, your audience which should be limited to the demographic of your ideal client and the advert itself.

To convert these leads into high margin contracts, download our free Sales Blueprint for Builders now.

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