How To Create Scarcity For Your Building Services

Have you ever felt the sting of missing out on a golden opportunity? 

You're not alone.

That moment when you realise what you could have had... if only you'd acted sooner.

It's a powerful feeling, one that your clients can experience too, leading them to value your services more than ever before.

By creating a scarce resource you develop an elusion of excitement - FOMO.

This isn't about manipulation; it's about enhancing the perceived value of your building services, making sure potential clients see your offering as a must-have solution they can't afford to miss.

The Magic of "Limited Availability"

It wasn’t that long ago that Jim Schneider, owner of Schneider Construction in Virginia, found himself struggling to fill his construction schedule with high-margin jobs.

"In the beginning, it was all about taking any job we could get," Jim said on the Professional Builders Secrets podcast.

But then he discovered construction slots…

“We weren't just selling construction services anymore; we were selling an experience, a dream. And how do you make a dream more desirable? You make it exclusive."

Jim's shift in strategy was relatively simple. Schneider Construction began offering limited construction slots each season, turning what was once a straightforward service into a limited opportunity for customers.

"We started treating our construction slots like golden tickets," Jim explained. "Only a select few would get the chance to bring their dream projects to life with us each year."

The impact of this change was immediate and profound. Prospective clients began to see securing a slot with Schneider Construction not just as a business transaction, but as a privilege.

"It's like when you're trying to book a table at the best restaurant in town," Jim said. "If you know they're always booked out weeks in advance, it just makes you want it more. That's the psychology we tapped into."

Creating scarcity was more than just a marketing tactic for Jim; it was about maintaining quality and integrity in every build. "Limiting our projects meant we could dedicate more time and attention to each one," he explained.

The lesson?

Scarcity isn't just a marketing tactic; it's a psychological trigger that can lead to increased demand for your services. By limiting the number of projects you take on you're not just selling a service; you're offering a spot in an exclusive club.

A Builder’s Social Media Experiment

Versa Homes founder, Felipe Freig, experienced similar success with a slightly different approach…

It began as a simple experiment on social media. Felipe decided to brand his services as "by referral only.”

This wasn't just a statement; it was a gatekeeper, a filter that immediately elevated the perception of his services in the marketplace.

"The moment we put 'by referral only' on our Instagram, it was like flipping a switch," Felipe said.

The impact was immediate. Suddenly, Versa Homes wasn't just another option in the market; potential clients felt privileged to work with them.

This strategy leveraged the human tendency to want what seems just out of reach. Felipe's approach created a buzz, a whisper network of intrigued prospects all asking, "How can I get an introduction?"

It turned the usual customer chase on its head. Instead of seeking out clients, Felipe found them coming to him, eager to find a way into the exclusive circle of Versa Homes' clientele.

By making his company's services seem scarce and exclusive, Felipe didn't just attract more clients—he attracted more dedicated, serious clients.

In Felipe's words, "It's about creating a perception that elevates your value in the eyes of your potential clients."

His success story is a testament to the power of scarcity and exclusivity in building a brand that stands out in a crowded market.

Your Next Steps

Revisit your approach to marketing and sales today. Evaluate how you can integrate scarcity into your messaging, not as a one-off tactic, but as a core component of your building company’s promise.

Start with one small change, see the impact, and adjust your approach as you learn what resonates most with your target audience.

Remember, the cornerstone of creating scarcity is to ensure that the quality of your service always matches the exclusivity of your offer. By doing so, you're not just creating demand; you're building trust, enhancing your brand's value, and setting your business apart.

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