Mastering The Science Of Scaling Your Residential Construction Company

What if we told you, you don't need extraordinary skills to grow your business? 

As you start attracting more and more high-quality leads and successfully converting them to high-margin contracts, you might ask yourself: when is it safe and secure to scale?

The Role Of Strategic Planning

Scaling your family home building company is a significant milestone, but before jumping into it, you need to have a documented plan in place. Think of it as a roadmap for your business.

Just like planning a trip, you need to know where you're headed and how to get there. A business plan will allow you to stay organised, make smart decisions and ensure you're on the right track.

And how can you create this business plan?

The first step is to determine your business goals so you can break them down into actionable steps.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and create an overcomplicated plan. Inside APB’s Quarterly Strategic Planning training, we show you how to create a detailed 3-year plan with a roadmap for the next 90 days. You’ll also have access to an easy-to-complete template specifically designed for residential home builders to set clear goals.

The idea of this step is to help you look ahead, so you can anticipate revenue streams, allocate resources and make informed decisions. 

The Science Of Resource Allocation

To start scaling your company, you'll have to take some action, like planning construction slots, expanding your team, and increasing your marketing efforts.

But before taking any step, you need to assess if your current resources can handle the increased volume of leads.

At the end of the day, expanding means having more resources, whether it's people, tools, or materials, to deliver your projects. The key is to balance those resources with the projected growth rate.

Embracing The S-Curve


As you scale, the path to increased net profit is often not a straight line but rather an S-curve.

At first, there might be a slight dip in your net profit. This is because you're investing in resources like hiring more people, upgrading equipment, or expanding your marketing efforts.

You need to remember that the apparent decrease in your net profit is nothing more than a short-term trade-off for long-term growth. You're laying the foundation for bigger and more sustainable profits down the road.

Cultivating The Right Mindset

Embracing the S-curve requires a shift in mindset. Understanding that these dips in your net profit are temporary and are an investment in the future might be easier said than done.

This is why having a construction business coach that helps you stay focused and networking with like-minded professionals who have navigated similar challenges can help you to stay motivated.

Scaling your custom home building company isn't reserved for a select few with extraordinary skills. Anyone can achieve it with the right systems, processes, and determination.

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