Articles by Mariana Galicia

2 min read

The Latest Residential Construction Software Trends

37.9% of builders invested more money into software last year than the year prior. It’s no secret that improvements in project management software have ...
1 min read

The Hidden Cost Of Project Delays

You’ve likely heard the phrase “time is money.” But it’s particularly true in the residential construction industry...
3 min read

A Guide To Social Media For Custom Home Builders

Are you a residential builder who’s hesitant about diving into the world of social media marketing? Do you think it is too complicated, time-consuming, or ...
2 min read

Becoming the Builder of Choice: Showcasing Your Expertise from the Start

Charging for quotes isn't about asking for payment - it's about offering value and expertise to every prospect.
2 min read

Mastering The Science Of Scaling Your Residential Construction Company

What if we told you, you don't need extraordinary skills to grow your business?
2 min read

How To Qualify And Convert Leads Into Residential Construction Clients

What if you could win high-margin contracts without having to “push” prospects to close the deal? It’s possible…
3 min read

The Secret Weapon For Attracting High-Quality Leads In Residential Construction

What if we told you that there's a powerful marketing strategy that consistently attracts high-quality leads?
3 min read

The Key To Winning High-Margin Residential Construction Contracts

Imagine charging higher prices for your custom home projects without the fear of losing potential clients. It’s something within your reach with the right ...