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33 Construction Industry Trends From 1,817 Surveyed Builders (2024 Study)

1,817 builders across four countries completed over 115 detailed questions about the inner workings of their building companies.
2 min read

The Surprising Cashflow Solution You Might Be Overlooking

Have you ever found yourself staring at your company's bank statement, wondering why the numbers don't add up?
2 min read

How To Solve Your Cashflow Problem

Cashflow… It’s the word on just about every builder’s lips at the moment.
2 min read

The Hidden Cost of a Festive Shutdown For Building Companies

I received an email from a builder announcing they were shutting down for an entire month over the Christmas holidays.
2 min read

How To Price A Job In Construction

This is something EVERY custom home builder must know in order to predict profitability and avoid leaving money on the table when pricing contracts and ...
1 min read

The Hidden Cost Of Project Delays

You’ve likely heard the phrase “time is money.” But it’s particularly true in the residential construction industry...
3 min read

3 Common Misconceptions About Increasing Profit in Residential Construction

What if we told you the secret to having a profitable custom home-building company does not include cutting costs or taking on more projects? In this ...
3 min read

The Construction Industry Is Broken And Will Continue To Fail Until It Is Fixed

Consumer confidence is plummeting, there are record levels of insolvencies and half finished homes are littering the country...
2 min read

How To Tackle The Cashflow Crisis Crippling Your Building Company

If late payments are crippling your building company, you need these tips...
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