The Most Important Thing Builders Can Say To Close a Deal

Construction Sales

Do you know the one word you can say to a prospect in order to significantly increase your chances of winning the job?

Today we want to share with you a strategy that is so counter-intuitive that it takes a lot of guts just to even try it!


The psychology of selling is fascinating. There are so many triggers, so many clues and indicators that allow you to read a prospect, that when you do it correctly, closing a sale becomes so natural it’s like driving a car. You do it all at a subconscious level without even realising what you are doing.


Of course becoming good at selling is a skill like any other, it can be learnt. You just need to be prepared to put in the time to acquire new skills.


One simple strategy we want to share with you today is incredibly simple, yet monumentally powerful.


It has to be used at the right time, under the right circumstances, but when used, it will reverse the balance of power in an instant and put you firmly in control of the negotiation.


Want to know what this word is?



When you call 'time' on a contract negotiation, you are taking control.


We’ve all had those clients that want to procrastinate and delay making any sort of commitment. Now if you have been following the sales process for builders, you’ve already eliminated the time-wasters and received some money from the prospect by splintering off your service.


So the chances of having to use this tactic are pretty slim, but you may need to apply it earlier in your process.


So here’s what you do:

When you are in that situation you need to look Mr and Mrs Prospective Buyer in the eye and say, "Guys we have been totally transparent, completely upfront with you.  We have supplied all of the information, answered all of your questions and given you all of the reassurances in relation to your concerns and given you all the written guarantees.  It is now time to make a decision."


At that particular point, you take it away from them. And the way you take it away from them is to let them know that you can see it isn’t going to happen, but you will leave it with them and say goodbye.


Close your folder, laptop, etc. and just politely get up as if you are about to leave.  That shows intent and you mean it and are about to leave, I promise you 9-9.5 times out of 10 they won’t let you leave.


Now some people need time and need more answers. But if you answered everything honestly and ethically then you need to think, "Any moment from here on is a waste of my time."


You are builders, not psychologists, so trying to figure out the 'whys' and 'hows' at this point is not important. What you need to figure out is, are we going to get the ball rolling, or do you need to be back at the office working out ways to get quality enquiries so you are not in this situation again? And so that you can walk people through your sales process faster and get them converted, and do it in less time than you are doing it now?


If you are not working on strategies like that and not working on your business, you have actually got yourself a hobby, not a business.


So be aware of that and remember the power of the ‘goodbye’ and 'take away' when you are working with people.


Now it's not a tactic you want to employ all the time, but sometimes when you are in a sticky situation dealing with Mr and Mrs Procrastinator, that's when you can use it and you will remember this advice.


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