Articles by Will Blunt

3 min read

How To Implement AI In A Building Company

Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into a building company is a multifaceted process that requires thoughtful consideration.
2 min read

How To Find Productivity Bottlenecks Ripe For AI Implementation

Where can artificial intelligence (AI) have the biggest impact on your building company?
3 min read

The Simple Innovation Giving Builders A Competitive Edge In 2024

There aren't enough hours in the week to run a successful building company and still have time to work on the business to grow your sales and margins…
4 min read

33 Construction Industry Trends From 1,817 Surveyed Builders (2024 Study)

1,817 builders across four countries completed over 115 detailed questions about the inner workings of their building companies.
2 min read

How To Create Scarcity For Your Building Services

Have you ever felt the sting of missing out on a golden opportunity?
2 min read

The Surprising Cashflow Solution You Might Be Overlooking

Have you ever found yourself staring at your company's bank statement, wondering why the numbers don't add up?
2 min read

What To Expect From APB At The International Builders’ Show

The International Builders' Show (IBS) 2024 in Las Vegas is poised to be a key event for professionals in the residential construction industry.
2 min read

How To Solve Your Cashflow Problem

Cashflow… It’s the word on just about every builder’s lips at the moment.
2 min read

Strategic Planning In Residential Construction

A failure to plan is a plan to fail, and in the world of residential construction, that couldn't be truer.
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