Articles by Russ Stephens

2 min read

The Art Of The Follow-Up: Turning A Maybe Into A Yes

If you are sick of prospects sitting on the fence about building with you, this article might be just what you need…
3 min read

Why Business Coaching Does Not Work For Custom Home Builders

Business coaching often doesn't work well for custom home builders. If you're thinking about trying it, or if you've tried it before, you should know that ...
2 min read

The Hidden Cost of a Festive Shutdown For Building Companies

I received an email from a builder announcing they were shutting down for an entire month over the Christmas holidays.
3 min read

Time Management In Construction: How To 10x Your Productivity

Are you spending your time working IN your building company, fighting fires, chasing cash-flow and dealing with tasks that keep you from working ON your ...
6 min read

Why You Are Not Following Up Enough In Your Sales Process

How many times do you follow up with a prospect? Do you feel uncomfortable and assume they’re not interested when they don’t pick up your call?
2 min read

How To Price A Job In Construction

This is something EVERY custom home builder must know in order to predict profitability and avoid leaving money on the table when pricing contracts and ...
3 min read

3 Common Misconceptions About Increasing Profit in Residential Construction

What if we told you the secret to having a profitable custom home-building company does not include cutting costs or taking on more projects? In this ...
3 min read

The Secret To Growing A Profitable Building Company

How one builder in Adelaide went from zero net profit in 2019 to $1m profit in 2023…
3 min read

Why Builders Feel Like There Is Not Enough Time

If you have come to the realisation that there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do, then you may need to look at things ...
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