Articles by Russ Stephens

2 min read

The Real Reason For Starting A Business

Why do you own your own building company?
4 min read

5 Things You Need To Master In Sales

The ability to sell has nothing to do with being pushy, cheesy or annoying.
4 min read

New Industry Report 2022

A brand new industry report has just been released by the Association of Professional Builders (APB) after surveying 720 residential home builders.
4 min read

How Builders Can Predict Boom Times And Avoid Getting Caught Out By The Recessions That Always Follow

When the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit in 2008, it was the third major collapse I had experienced since leaving school and entering the workforce.
4 min read

How To Avoid The Traps That Can Destroy A Family Business

Running a small business can be tough... And working with family members can either make that journey easier, or impossible. The main challenge faced by ...
4 min read

Ever Called A Prospect That Didn’t Know You?

Have you ever experienced that moment when receiving a brand new enquiry from a prospect that ticked all the boxes and looked like being a great ...
4 min read

How Much Should You Spend On Advertising Your Building Company?

This number is the holy grail of business. When you crack this code, there is no limit to the size you can grow a building company to…
4 min read

5 Tips To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Estimates

Estimating residential construction projects is a combination of art and science. That is to say, estimating is not just about the numbers on a computer ...
3 min read

How To Connect With A Prospect And Avoid Losing Them Through Overwhelm

A few years back I was asked to assist a building company with their sales. They were building great homes...