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3 min read

How To Win Building Contracts by Identifying Needs

Quality – Speed – Budget Welcome back to the final article in this series which covers the contract proposal.
3 min read

What Are Your Prospects Scared Of?

When you really break it down there are only three things that keep a client awake at night...
4 min read

The First Conversation With A Prospective Client: What Do You Say?

It's the moment you've been waiting for. The moment that generates a twinge of excitement and hope.
1 min read

How To Optimise Your Sales Process & Win More Building Contracts

Have you ever wondered how the big building companies continue to sign up so many clients?
2 min read

Do You Hate Price Shoppers?

Well, guess what? If you’re being price shopped, it’s for a really good reason.
3 min read

Earning Money From Client Variations

What? Make a profit just because a client needs to change the contract? That's just taking a liberty!
4 min read

How Builders Can Learn From Jetstar

"Your bag is 1kg over weight." - "No, you cannot remove an item of clothing and wear it, that is against the rules." - "You must pay $50 in order to board ...