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The Rise of 'Zombie Companies'

How the COVID-19 Pandemic and Government Policies are Impacting the Construction Industry in Australia.
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Should You Use Fixed Price Or Open Book/Cost Plus Contracts?

The explosion in the cost of construction materials has caught out a lot of building companies using fixed price contracts that have no rise & fall or ...
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Building Company Reclaims $50,000 In Taxes!

Four years ago Rob & Amy Burton, co-owners of Ramton Homes, were facing three major challenges in their residential building company.
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The Data Is In: SORCI 2023 Report Reveals State Of The Industry

A brand new industry report has just been released by the Association of Professional Builders (APB) after surveying 1,000+ residential home builders.
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The Top 10 Construction Podcasts To Listen To

The construction industry is in a constant state of change, and now more than ever in this current economic state, those who want to be in the know about ...
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Year In Review: 2022

2022 was a whirlwind of a year and it’s hard to believe it’s almost over. In the last couple of years, the constant blow after blow to the construction ...
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How To Manage Cashflow In Your Building Company

Managing cashflow in the building industry can be tricky business. Although cashflow principles are very similar between industries, the difference lies ...
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How Builders Can Prepare For La Nina

We’ve all been hearing some pretty crazy stories about the effects La Nina is having on the economy, especially flooding and the consequences of continual ...
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How Does Your Building Company Compare?

How does your building company compare to the rest of the industry? Are you adding more or less profit than your competitors? Are you paying yourself a ...