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How To Solve Your Cashflow Problem

Cashflow… It’s the word on just about every builder’s lips at the moment.
2 min read

Strategic Planning In Residential Construction

A failure to plan is a plan to fail, and in the world of residential construction, that couldn't be truer.
3 min read

Why Business Coaching Does Not Work For Custom Home Builders

Business coaching often doesn't work well for custom home builders. If you're thinking about trying it, or if you've tried it before, you should know that ...
2 min read

The Hidden Cost of a Festive Shutdown For Building Companies

I received an email from a builder announcing they were shutting down for an entire month over the Christmas holidays.
6 min read

Year In Review: 2023

Cash flow challenges, rising interest rates, leads drying up, and staffing issues are just some of the complexities that residential builders have ...
3 min read

Time Management In Construction: How To 10x Your Productivity

Are you spending your time working IN your building company, fighting fires, chasing cash-flow and dealing with tasks that keep you from working ON your ...
6 min read

Why You Are Not Following Up Enough In Your Sales Process

How many times do you follow up with a prospect? Do you feel uncomfortable and assume they’re not interested when they don’t pick up your call?
2 min read

The Latest Residential Construction Software Trends

37.9% of builders invested more money into software last year than the year prior. It’s no secret that improvements in project management software have ...
4 min read

The Proven Construction Sales Process For Custom Home Builders

Are you struggling to convert leads into clients? Are you wasting time with prospects that aren't right for you?